Nouvelle montre d’affaires personnalisée de luxe haut de gamme pour hommes et femmes


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UGS : 104877091015245 Catégorie :


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Product Type
Hip-hop necklace / Bracelets / pendants / rings / watches, etc
Size  and weight
Stock size or custom size ,0.05 kg to 0.5 kg each piece
18K gold,white gold,rose gold,Gun black,Two-color plating
Environmental protection zinc alloy & Rhinestone

high-quality Brass & AAA CZ
Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Wedding,etc
Laser engraving
How to custom
1. show me your mind 

2.  make 3D design pictures and show you 
3.  if you agree,we begin to produce
4.  If the quantity is small,Need to pay $80 for mold
Sample Time
About 7 days
Sample Fee
 Can be returned in the next MOQ order
 Delivery Time
7-15 days
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Silver+ gold,pink 33m, Silver+rose gold,white 40mm, Gold,green 40mm, Silver+gold,gold 40mm, Gold,33mm, silver,bule 33mm, Silver,green 33mm, Gold,white 40mm, Gold,black 40mm, Silver,bule 40mm, Silver+rose gold,green 40mm, Silver+rose gold,bule 40mm, Silver+rose gold,pink 33mm, Gold,white 33mm, Silver+gold,bule 40mm, Silver+ gold,green 40mm, Silver,white 33mm, Silver+rose gold,black 33mm, Silver+ gold,pink 40mm, Gold,pink 33mm, Silver+gold,black 40mm, Silver,pink 33mm, Silver+gold,white 33mm, Silver+gold,black 33mm, Gold,green 33mm, Silver,green 40mm, Gold,black 33mm, Silver+rose gold,green 33mm, Silver,black 40mm, Silver,bule 33mm, Silver+rose gold,pink 40mm, Gold,40mm, Gold,bule 40mm, Silver,white 40mm, Silver+ gold,green 33m, Silver+rose gold,black 40mm, Silver+gold,bule 33mm, Silver,black 33mm, Silver+gold,gold 33mm, Silver+gold,white 40mm, Silver+rose gold,white 33mm, Silver+rose gold,bule 33mm, Gold,pink 40mm, Silver,pink 40mm


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